The sorrow occasion of martyrdom of Bibi Fatimat -uz- Zehra (s.a) is marked as Ayyam e Fatimiyah across the world. Although historians differ on the specific date of her (SA) demise, they stated either 75 or 90 days after the death of the Last Prophet (SAWW). For commemorating the miserable event of tragic martyrdom of exalted Lady, Ulemas have encouraged the observance of 20 days between these two dates dedicated as Ayyam e Fatimiyah.

Green Island Youth Forum has acquired the central position in commemorating and promoting Ayyam e Fatimiyah within the community only for the love and respect for the privileged-lady Fatimah (s.a). In this context, Green Island Youth Forum has arranged and organized multiple events, including majalis and gatherings to resurrect and recall history and teaching of Bibi Fatima (s.a). Since 2014, GIYF has been hosting three days majalis program as an open event for the community during these days. Those events encourage associated students to initiate a stage for reciting Quran Majeed and Hadees e kisaa at the beginning. GIYF promotes other students for developing their confidence level through these events. Various Ulema address these Majalis. The Majlis is followed by Matamdari and Niaz. Organized events serve multipurpose of not only community gatherings to spread Islamic thoughts but also to encourage students and reveal historical events related to the tragic demise of the one and only Princess of Jannah (SA).