GIYF (Green Island Youth Forum) started its journey from an Intra-Community Cricket Tournament in 2009 that was played in Noor Ground situates in PECHS near Kashmir Road. The initiation of this tournament was outstanding where about 12 teams participated from different localities of Karachi. The number of teams has been growing and embracing several other cities of the homeland. GIYF has been inviting different celebrities and prominent leaders as the chief guests to support the intra-community sports activities. The news channels representatives, political entities and other relevant social activists are also invited to witness the event and support the talent with extra pace.

The event organizers are committed to conducting the event unhindered and are dedicated to supporting the community talent to international forums. With indefinite strivings and relentless efforts, Green Island Youth Forum continues to serve the community on different platforms and grow tremendously along with the support of community members. Over the time with enhancement in the demand for such sport-related activities, GIYF’s management decided to organize different sports in one domain under the umbrella of the ICSF (Intra Community Sports Festival). ICSF was introduced in 2010 with the keen interest of management to offer a single platform for all emerging sports including, Cricket, Table Tennis, Swimming, Badminton, and other indoor sports. The journey from indoor activities at a small place in Soldier Bazar to Intra-Community Sports Festival (ICSF) consumed lots of effort, time, ideas and investment. But restless efforts and untiring dedication of GIYF’s management and volunteers produced an exceptional outcome.


ICSF is the prominent activity of Green Island Trust (GIT). The fundamental cause of introducing this event is to serve the community, encourage talents, and promote a healthy culture. Alongside educational awareness, the physical activities are also the keen interest of GIYF. With the support of management and persistent endeavors of volunteers and staff members, ICSF is now steady on its feet and growing over the time. It has been growing tremendously in terms of resources, participants, interest of sponsors and supporters. ICSF is now an unshakeable and robust platform for community members to groom their talents and offers them a vast room to prove themselves practically on the field.


GIYF excels in organizing and arranging exceptional blueprints for physical fitness activities of its members with different relevant indoor and outdoor games in which ICSF plays a steering role. These games including swimming and cricket tournaments, badminton and indoor games allow members in burgeoning competitive bounds and improve their gaming skills and rational capabilities. Sports festivals and annual cricket tournaments are remarkable achievements under the umbrella of ICSF in which many teams participate even beyond Karachi. The credit goes to the sponsors for supporting such a big event and hosting teams from upcountry.

ICSF does not only promote the talents of players and its members but also welcomes sponsors in each of its mega-events including ICSF. It opens the gate of opportunities for business owners to claim their slot and become a leading brand by enhancing the brand equity amongst players, participants, crowd and viewers. Now sponsors can become partners of ICSF by advertising their brands and strengthening their market worth by distributing prizes, kits or hiring a team. Several options and ways are available for reputed business owners to promote their business without any hesitation in ICSF which has a great audience reach. Sponsors are the valuable contributor to this mega-event that allows community members to fabricate their skills and groom their capabilities right on the ground.

It would be fair enough to acknowledge and appreciate those sponsors who are consistent with ICSF and have been supporting such meaningful events over the time.